Pews Renewal Appeal

Pews Renewal Appeal

Dedicate a pew for the honour and glory of God.

Join us as we renew our faithful old pews


How can a hard wooden seat give so much comfort? Solid and strong, built to last, the humble piece of church furniture offers a place to set down one’s burdens and pray.

For over 40 years, these tired pews have faithfully served our parish. Despite being worn and tired, they remain solid and dependable.

With the rejuvenation of our Church, we need to restore these old, faithful companions. We hope to raise over $120,000 for the time-consuming process by specialists who’ll resurrect them from the dead like Lazarus!

We’ve saved you a seat…put your name on it!


As members of our faith family, you’re invited to give a legacy gift to Our Lady of the Rosary Kellyville by donating a whole pew ($3,500) or a half pew ($1,750).

You may also simply give a gift, whatever the amount, to help our project.

Making history in your name

This is a special opportunity to create history and give thanks to God by dedicating a pew that honours your family name or commemorates loved ones close to your heart. We have only 32 whole pews (only 74 half pews) available for dedication.

Pew Donation options


Please contact Our Lady of the Rosary on 02 9629 2595 or email if you would like to make alternate donation arragements to those listed on the giving form below.

Palm Sunday 2019

Acknowledging your legacy gift

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As benefactors of Our Lady of the Rosary Kellyville, we will gratefully acknowledge your gift. If desired, we will place a commemorative plaque on either end of a donated whole pew or on one end of a donated half pew.

We will also continue to remember our heritage donors who gifted our original pews by placing a new plaque with their name.  Thus some of the renovated pews will carry two plaques in dual recognition of original and new donors. We will also acknowledge all gifts by our pew donors through an online Benefactors’ Tribute.

Building Faith and Future

An image of our Lord on the Cross came to life three times, instructing St. Francis of Assisi to, “Go and repair my Church, for it is in ruins.” 

Today, our long-held dreams for rebuilding Our Lady of the Rosary in Kellyville include a new sacristy, twin confessionals, a refurbished baptistry, state-of-the-art lighting and sound, air-conditioning, new carpet and slip-proof tiles, on-site toilets, accessible entrances and facilities for our elderly and differently abled, an expanded piety store, and refurbished pews.

Only your continued support can make these dreams a reality!

We’re at the precipice of a new era of renewal for our Catholic family. With the help of Our Lady of the Rosary, St. Joseph, and St. Francis of Assisi, we pray for the success of our campaign. Together we build up our Church for the honour and glory of God. 

And who knows? Maybe one day, many years from now, our children and theirs, will reflect on our efforts and praise the Lord for our generosity, goodness, solidarity, and sacrifice.

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Thank you for offering a seat of comfort in the House of our Lord

Your gift will be a comforting and lasting legacy for generations of faithful to come.

For more information, please call 02 9629 2595 or email